Spanish theatre!

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Raquel, the Spanish actress!

Raquel, the Spanish actress!

to see photos from the Spanish theatre workshop on 14th January!


Culvers House Primary School Curriculum Blog


Welcome to our brand new curriculum blog! On these pages you will find lots of information, pictures, competitions and comments about the whole range of curriculum subjects that we learn about at school. Most of the subjects are incorporated within the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) and we already share lots of learning that takes place, through open days, workshops and our excellent exit points. This blog will be another way of sharing the work that the children do.

On the curriculum pages, we will also be sharing examples of work and your comments would be most appreciated. Also, please look out for regular competitions and questions, which we will be encouraging the children to enter and to share their learning with you at home. You are more than welcome to help your child with their responses and we actively encourage the children to leave positive and encouraging comments about other children’s work.

We hope that the curriculum pages will give you, as parents and carers, more of an insight into what the children are learning and doing at school and the blog is a simple and engaging way of sharing the work and learning that happens at Culvers House Primary School.

Thank you.